Helping kids move and feel better is our passion. Not only do our staff love working with children, they’re experienced in making “family centered care” fun!

Here are just a few of the specific pediatric services we offer:

Torticollis and Head Shape Clinic

We have extensive experience in treating torticollis and skull deformity.  Both can be corrected most easily and effectively when treatment is initiated as early as possible.  Our comprehensive consultation consists of:

  • neck and head shape evaluation while screening for other possible conditions

  • therapeutic home exercise program to correct neck muscle tightness and/or weakness

  • safe repositioning advice to correct skull deformity

  • developmental exercises when indicated

  • direct referral to orthotist if helmet therapy is needed and desired

Our treatment techniques are very gentle and effective for newborns and up, and are considered the gold standard of therapy in medicine for the treatment of both torticollis and head shape issues.  We are also the only supplier in Edmonton of the Mimos pillow, a Class 1 medical device in Canada and the only medical baby pillow approved by Health Canada.

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Sports and Orthopedic Injuries

Active kids get hurt. While many will “bounce back” on their own, others may need a little help to get back in the game safely. Sprains, strains, and fractures, are all commonly seen injuries for young athletes, and treatment needs to be customized for these growing bodies. Out staff are not only experienced in working with young athletes, they love incorporating your child’s sport into the treatment helping to make the physio fun AND effective.

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Toe Walking Clinic

Does your child walk on their tippy toes most of the time?  In the absence of another medical condition, we call this “idiopathic toe walking”, which means no known cause.  Your physiotherapist will complete a comprehensive assessment of your child to screen for all possible causes of their toe walking, and implement a treatment plan accordingly. This involves:

  • individually prescribed home exercise program

  • referral to an orthotist if needed for inserts or splinting 

  • referral for further investigation as necessary

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ABC Movement Battery (Standardized Assessment of Motor Impairment)

We are now offering a standardized assessment which identifies, describes, and guides treatment of motor impairment for children ages 3-16.  This tool can be used to support a diagnosis such as DCD, or to confirm a motor impairment in order to help secure funding for rehabilitation. It assists in developing intervention programs targeted at improving movement competence in children and provides a reliable tool to measure progress. Please note this is not covered by Alberta Heath Care.

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 Gross Motor Developmental Therapy

Not every child needing developmental evaluation and treatment requires a standardized assessment.  We have been providing neurodevelopmental assessment for babies, children and teenagers since opening in 2009.  Treatment programs are based on patient and parent goals and typically involve home exercise programs which are progressed as able. Babies who are delayed meeting their milestones, clumsy children, or children with a confirmed disability or condition are all within our scope of treatment. 

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Pet therapy

Pet Therapy is a common way to improve people’s moods and symptoms simply through positive interactions with animals. It has been clinically proven to help decrease pain, lower anxiety, lift the overall mood, and help decrease the need for pain medication.

On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, our staff “Fuzzio-therapist” Rigger, a trained service dog, will be here to interact with you during your appointment as much or as little as you would like. Feel free to go say Hi, call him over, involve him in your exercises, or just have a cuddle during your session. He is very friendly, and excited to help make your day just a little bit better!

Please let our staff know if you’d rather not have any interaction with Rigger during your session, or consider another day or time for your appointment.